Emergence Event Discovery Cards

Discovery Cards for the board game, Emergence Event – The Awakening Expansion.

The Darkness – Act I

Your long-range scans detect a unique energy signature on a nearby uncharted world. As you approach, your team concludes that this planet is in the midst of an overpopulation event. The ancient ruins which dot its surface have been overrun by the local fauna, large insect-like creatures that scuttle across the delicate bridges and spires of a long-dead species, festooning the elegant structures with their webs. As you zero in on the energy signature, your science team fills the comms with talk of the creatures below. Their voices are abruptly silent as the creature appears before you. Rising from the rubble, taller than the extant buildings, it towers over the lesser creatures. Sinuous chitin and grasping claws surround mandibles large enough to take a bite out of the shuttle. Investigating the source will be challenging.

The Darkness – Act II

The relic you retrieved provided coordinates. Long range scans reveal a dead world, its desiccated major landmasses, bordered by a shallow, still sea. As you drop into orbit, your instruments reveal movement where you expected none. What could thrive on a cold, dark world such as this? As your shuttle skims the surface preparing to land near the only detectable power source, the landing lights illuminate a scene you are hard pressed to process. Hordes of humanoid-like creatures stand, shoulder to shoulder. Though you have no name for their species, you recognize what they are: Death.

As you retrieve the relic, you pay no mind to the science team’s scrambling explanations; this is not a world of logic. Whatever civilization once thrived here, it long ago succumbed to darkness.

The Darkness  – Act III

The coordinates from the relic lead you onward, and with a shudder, you break orbit with the dark world of shambling dead, though you now fear what may lie along this path.

You had thought nothing could shake you like the inexplicable lack of life you encountered before; this world appears to be its opposite. The entire surface is covered in biomass and even the atmosphere is filled with spores. The vine-like structures at first make your science team suspect a biome full of plant life, until they detect the globular, meaty eyestalks rising from the choking coagulation.

Your eye is drawn to the northern pole before the scanners confirm your intuition. The power signature lies there, deep within the undulating mass, almost certainly another relic.

The Darkness – Act IV

Though you don’t fully understand what force drove you onward to this world, you nevertheless feel an obligation to aid them how you can. The peoples are primitive, much as yours were the last time the Markarians came. As such, they are most likely safe from that threat, at least. But the horrors you saw on the previous planets were not of Markarian making. It is clear there is something else going on here, a conflict at once different and similar to your own.

Though your own fate is far from certain, perhaps the relics you’ve collected will in some small way help this world make their way out of the dark.