The Devourer

Short piece for the Myth: Journeyman Kickstarter.

The Goople sped along the tunnel, single-minded in its purpose. The master called! Though it had no ears with which to hear, nor eyes, which would have been useless in the deep dark of the warrens, it nevertheless felt the urgency of the call.

In its haste, the small gelatus rolled into and over a Dopple pool. The Dopple quickly rose from its resting position, towered over the Goople, and quivered its annoyance. Instinctively, the Goople flattened itself, obsequious, the small cilia on it outer edges vibrating with proper fear. With a short spray of pheromones, the Dopple relaxed, and the Goople continued on its way, holding its prize tight inside. Though it knew the bone-thing no longer lived, it could feel its rounded dome, and filled its hollowed angles. A prize for the master! As the Goople slid into the yawning cavern, it noticed it was not alone.

Hundreds of its fellow Gooples packed the floor, creating an undulating wave moving toward the center where the Master towered over them. The Goople joined the wave, feeling its kind everywhere around it, each one vibrating with the same excitement it felt. The presence of the master suffused the gelatus, all encompassing. The Master, the Devourer of All, pulled its subjects closer. The Goople felt its prize inside, taking all of its strength, all of its concentration to retain. But the Devourer, it held multitudes! Offerings of years past filled its mass, along with any intruders foolish enough to enter their domain. The Goople shuddered once, angrily, at the thought of intruders, but without intruders there would be no prizes like the one it carried.

It was finally time, its wave squelched against the Devourer, and for a moment, the Goople basked in rapturous commune with its Master. When the wave pulled back, the Goople found itself held, “Yes, my prize, I am chosen!” it thought, as it began its slow decomposition, willing sacrifice for the Devourer.



Copyright 2015 J.L. Allan