The Worker’s Heart Now Available!

Set in the exciting near-future world of MERCS, The Worker’s Heart is now available in digital formats!  Get your copy today at, Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes&Noble.

Eclison Tavares Jorge Machado thought he had it all. As one of the youngest Unit Leaders in all of KemVar Acquisitions, he had a steady paycheck, a challenging job, and the respect of his superiors and peers. That is, until he forgot the soldier’s cardinal rule—always follow your orders.

With a single action he’s suddenly on Management’s radar and his unhappy commander has just the job to teach him a lesson. From the steamy jungle of the Lost Margin to the frigid outskirts of USCR territory, Machado soon learns that there’s more at stake than just his career. As enemies become temporary allies, what starts off as a simple, if unorthodox, mission holds ramifications that, if left unchecked, could tear KemVar apart.




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